rainy, cloudy smoke spot

Welcome to the new, minimal space for all future reviews, photos, and other content.

The other site that I built with Wix was super fun to build, but almost as soon as I had built it, I realized that it was way too complex and intricate!

Maybe I should get into web dev and call it a day. 😅 Anyone need a website built?

Because although I enjoy building the last site, I never wanted to update photos or write new posts because I would log into Wix, and there was a constant list of tasks to be completed to keep the site functioning.

Honestly, it's inefficiency and complexity was so off-putting that I decided to search for a different option.

A more minimal option. With the primary focus being the cannabis out there right now.

It took a while, but I finally discovered write.as. Their suite of publishing tools is almost perfect. At the very least, they're exactly what I am looking for.

Now I actually enjoy visiting and updating. I hope you enjoy your visit too!

Expect more regular things happening here as a result of this change :)