The Batch – Dry-Sift Hash

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The Look

The Batch will be my go-to brand for budget hash moving forward.

It looks great and actually looks like hash.

The Smell

The smell is pretty chill.

You gotta crack it open before you get a full nose. Smells like hash. It has a delightful piney aroma.


The Flava

Tastes good and adds a nice zing to your bowl or evening J. Tastes piney.

The Feel

Very sticky and malleable.

Way more sticky and bendy than the dry cake Original Stash is passing off as 2 grams of hash.


The Experience

You can't go wrong here.

You get 2 grams of hash for around 40 bucks, which is pretty reasonable considering the other (vastly more expensive) options out there.

Still too expensive, but it has significant pain-reducing and calming effects.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌱/5

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