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The Look

It looks like something you would scrape out of your kief catcher.

Hash? Maybe.

It's more like powder.

Perfect for sprinkling on Js and on top of bowls.

The tube-style container makes it super convenient to whip out and top anything with a little kief.


The Smell

Subtle earthy sweetness.


The Flava

Tastes great on top of a bowl or sprinkled in a J.

However, because I added it to other things, it was hard to isolate the flavours.

Nothing mind-blowing, but it tastes pretty good, and it burns well.


The Feel

Soft, powdery, and fine.

Definitely not something you'd want to spill because it would be hard to clean up.


The Experience

Overall, I'm satisfied with this Tantalus Labs product.

The containers make it super easy to carry around in your pocket (or purse, or satchel).

I bought it on sale from Rise Cannabis in View Royal, and it was around $25 a gram (or something like that.)

Significant #relaxation effects throughout the day.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲/5

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