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The Look

Greenade's Querkle looks enticing.

The trim job is good, and there aren't any leaves or excessive amounts of stem.

The flower has a beautiful purple colour among the greenness. There are orange hairs throughout that are pretty prominent against the purple colouration.


The Smell

Smells great!

I like how Greenade has listed the dominant terpenes on the back of their packaging. It gave me an idea of what to expect before I even opened the bag.

Greenade packed this particular package on November 16, 2020. So I wasn't expecting the flower inside to smell fresh.

However, opening the packaging releases a delightful lemony aroma complimented by dank, floral notes that linger in the area.

The smell is not sweet citrus, but rather more like the zest from a ripe lemon mixed with a few sprigs of crushed lavender flowers.


The Flava

There are pronounced lemon flavours from the rolled flower.

It's an enjoyable puff.

Overall, very smooth flavours that didn't cause any coughing.


The Feel

Even though Greenade packed this bud quite a while ago, it wasn't too dry.

The buds were too dry to be sticky but retained enough moisture when ground up to make for an enjoyable smoke.

I think there might have been a 2-way humidity pouch included inside. But I can't fully recall if this was just me thinking there should have been one included or if there was one in there.


The Experience

Although I wish it were a bit fresher, I was pleasantly surprised by this Querkle. It burns nice and slow, leaving behind white ash.

The flower tested at around 20% THC, and I'd say the effects matched what I'd expect from a twenty percent flower product.

A bit pricey for everyday use at around $40 bucks for an eighth, but great as a treat.

Overall, nice #chill and #relaxing effects. Suitable for the daytime in smaller amounts or the nighttime when you don't have to out and about.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲/5 because it was packed last year and had lost some freshness.

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