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The Look

Looks great overall.

The buds are nice and frosty.

The trim is good.

The pictures I took don't do the flowers justice.


The Smell

Great zesty aroma.

Tons of sour citrus with a hint of sweetness.

The very potent aroma when the buds go through the grinder is superb.


The Flava

The zesti-ness (ha! get it?) acts like an anti-congestant.

I felt like it really opened up my airways.

There is a great zesty inhale, and it gets pretty sweet on the exhale.

It didn't make me cough and tasted great to the end of the J.


The Feel

Buds were well dried. Not over-dried.

Good springy sponginess.


The Experience

I really enjoyed this -ness product.

I heard from others that their experiences weren't as positive as mine due to some buds burning pretty harshly.

I didn't experience any harsh buds or nasty flavours.

I would love to see this come in oz's because the eighth disappeared pretty quickly.

Significant #uplifting and #energetic effects suitable for the days or anytime, really.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌱/5

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