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The Look

The first time I bought this hash, the Mood Ring folks already portioned it into two equal square pieces.

On the two other occasions, it was a single 1-gram piece which, for some reason, I prefer.

Once through the childproof ziplock packaging, you'll find the hash contained within a regular ol' mini baggie. Nice and convenient.

The #legacyhash is a beautiful bright golden colour with—slight green tint.


The Smell

Subtle spiciness. Not overly overpowering. Didn't rock my world.

The Flava

Tastes great on top of a bowl or sprinkled in a J.

Mostly mild earthy and spicy flavours.

Nothing mind-blowing, but it tastes as a classic bubble hash should, and it burns nicely.


The Feel

I'm going to assume this is a bubble hash based on the feel of it.

At first sight, I thought it would be hard and crispy to the touch; that was not the case. There have been a couple of other hash products I've tried that were almost too hard to crumble without significant effort or scissors.

The consistency of Mood Ring's Legacy Hashish is actually fantastic! Feels a bit like an underbaked shortbread cookie.

It is effortless to break off a little chunk with your fingers and crumble into a J without spillage or wastage.


The Experience

Mood Ring's Legacy Hashish provides an enjoyable experience overall that comes in at an acceptable price point (around $45 a gram).

It is handy, use-able, and portable.

My biggest gripe with some of the other hash products out there is the super-inconvenient packaging.

For example, the Top Leaf bubble hash includes a little jar... but no lid! Crazy.

Significant #painreduction effects throughout the day.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5

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