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The Look

It looks like a sheet of golden amber.

Half expecting to see a tiny petrified bug from the late Cretaceous period.


The Smell

Usually, I would say something like, “all extracts smell the same.” However, this particular shatter has a unique aroma to it.

Very spicy and peppery.

It definitely made me cough for a solid handful of seconds.


The Flava

The aroma translates well into a spicy and peppery flavour.

I enjoyed the flavour more than I thought I would.


The Feel

It feels.... shattery.

Didn't have any flex or bend in it—more of a snap.


The Experience

This stuff is super potent.

I don't have a dab rig or anything like that, so I just plunked a chunk on the top of a bowl which worked nicely.

It definitely needs some water to cool it off!

The price was pretty reasonable at around 40 bucks a gram.

Intense #chill and #relaxing effects. Suitable for the nighttime.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌱/5

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