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The Look

The folks at Good Buds have done it again with Mango Taffie.

These buds look delectable. It was (almost) a shame to grind them up.

Overall a very similar visual experience to Good Buds' Sapphire OG and I don't have any complaints.

No leaf. No unnecessary stem.


The Smell

A nostril expanding zestiness complements #sweet and #fruity aromas.

Nothing overtly mango-y, but compared to the Sapphire OG's funkadelic #cheesiness, this is on the other end of the olfactory spectrum.

It's light and bright while also retaining a pungent dankness.

No room in your house will be safe from the smell of these flowers when crushed in a grinder.

It'll have your place smelling like the Bomb.


The Flava

I was waiting for the “taffie” to show up at some point, and it does when you set it on fire!

It's got an interesting salty flavour to it that I'd describe as “thick,” and it burns great in a J from end to end.


The Feel

No complaints here.

It feels pretty sticky despite being packed in November of last year.

Good bud density and humidity levels remained acceptable thanks to the tight-ass seal on the glass jar.


The Experience

Apart from the steep price tag ($50-ish bucks after-tax), you really can't go wrong with Good Buds' good buds, it seems.

There are whispers of a price-drop happening down the line, and I would be happy to see that because more people should be smoking these buds over basically anything else.

It's a pleasure to roll up, it tastes and smells nice, and it's a buy, even at current prices.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5

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