San Rafael '71 – OG Chemdawg Live Resin

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The Look

This stuff looks craaaaazy.

I'm not an avid high-potency concentrates guy, but I do enjoy the look of this live resin.

It reminds me of congealed honey oil.


The Smell

Smells potently of OG Kush.

Bit of pine.

A pungent, earthy musk that is pretty noticeable in the air.

I like it.


The Flava

Tastes great in the bowl mixed with some flower.

I assume you'd typically burn this in a dab rig, and the flavours would be isolated and prominent.

However, even mixed into some flowers, this live resin adds a piney awesomeness to a bowl.

It opens up your airways and cleans out any mucous that may be hiding in your face holes.


The Feel

I didn't touch it with my fingers, but it crumbles nicely into a little ball when I scoop it up with a tiny spoon.


The Experience

This stuff will get you well baked.

Not a product I could use every day, nor throughout the day.

A little on the pricey side (around $45-50 bucks if I recall correctly). It lasts a long time, though, because you only need a tiny taste to get robust effects.

Significant #calming and #sleepy effects suitable for the evenings or weekends.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲/5

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