Good Buds – Sapphire OG

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The Look

Beautiful, well-manicured buds that glisten with frosty trichomes.

There's an acceptable amount of stem and no leaf.

It looks as though Good Buds handled their buds with care during the entire cultivation and harvest process.


The Smell

Sapphire OG has an attractive aroma that I'd describe as very pungent.

When the jar is cracked open, you get a heavy hit of pine and an appealing earthiness I'd liken to cacao powder crossed with parmesan cheese.

Another nosedive into the jar (yes, it's a glass jar) would reveal a complex blend of zesty citrus fruits and fancy flowers.

Like enjoying a fresh citrus fruit for breakfast while admiring the bouquet, you bought for your significant other on Valentine's Day in the same room as you cooked last night's spaghetti dinner.


The Flava

Fresh pine for miles and miles and miles. Followed by the kushy

It really opens up the airways—no coughing or harshness.

The Feel

The buds feel sticky and fresh. Dense, but not rock hard.

Hats off to the dry/cure team over at #GoodBuds.

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The Experience

A premium price tag (around $45-50) comes with a premium flower product that left me happy and relaxed.

The glass jar's design is pretty lovely too, albeit a little heavy to carry around in your jacket pocket. The tight seal between the jar and the peel-back kept the buds fresh.

Significant #relaxation effects, but it didn't make me tired or groggy.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5 (bring that price down a smidge, get that 5th tree, and become the first 5-tree review.)

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