@GnomestarCraft – Meat Breath Artisan Batch

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The Look

Looks great overall and I'm diggin' that.

The buds aren't huge and there are no buds that stood out from the rest. I'd call the size “workable”.

Beautiful bright green buds with purple accents that I couldn't really capture in the photos without editing.

The Smell

Oh man, the smell is absolutely divine. It is very complex and very unique.

It smells heavy. Dense af. Sorta like diesel fuel that has spilled on some fresh earth.

There's a cheeky sweetness to it I am down with.

The name #Meatbreath really conjures up some interesting sensations in my mind, but the aroma of these buds puts that all to rest.


The Flava

I'll be honest, I get zero meaty flavour qualities from these buds. Not complaining.

It burns really nicely in a J.

The flavour is very much like the aroma. Lots of fuel and deep, earthy flavours.

The sweetness really becomes apparent from the first puff.

The Feel

Buds are spongy and dense. Really nice density.

Considering the packing date is October of last year, the moisture content of the buds was pretty good.

Sticky to the touch. gnomestar-bud1

The Experience

A premium experience all-around... for a premium price.

IT's far too pricey to become something I would buy on a regular basis. $50-ish bucks an eight.

But, for those times when you want to treat yourself to something nice— I'd say it is definitely worth a try if you haven't tried it already.

Significant #calming effects, but it didn't make me sleepy.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5 (bring that price down, get that 5th tree, and become the first 5-tree review.)

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