Original Stash – O.S. Klik Durban

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OS Klik Durban packaging

Finally, got my hands on some oil I can slather on my OCB's!!

Feels like I've been waiting for this day to come for ages and I'm super happy the O.S. #Klik is actually a nice product to use.

The Fellow at the shop said this was a #distillate, but I'd say it is more consistent with a classic #honeyoil. Very sticky and viscous when you “Klik” it out.

OS Klik Durban 2

The applicator works great and apparently dispenses 25mg of #THC per click.

I used about 2 clicks to add a nice helping to the rolling paper, shmeared it around with the applicator tip, and wrapped it around some Redecan – Wappa.

OS Klik Durban Macro

Delicious and hits hard behind the eyes, but I found it had very uplifting effects, so I took a nice walk in the forest.

Despite the pouring rain, I had a huge smile on my face. My eyes were noticeably more red than the baseline. I had a great time foraging for macros of fungus and lichens.

The worst thing about the O.S. Klik Durban is the price— which is an insane $75/gram! This is reflected in my overall rating for the product.

This 1-gram Klikything should cost not a dollar more than $40 bucks.

I miss the ORO oil :(

Overall Rating: 🌲🌲🌲/5

See the whole gallery here.

rainy cloudy smoke spot mushroom in the forest

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