Haven St. – No. 402 Blueberry Kush

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Before starting this review I should point out that Blueberry is one of my least favorite cultivars, so hopefully, that bias won't be too apparent here.

So... another #Terrascend flower product on the rolling tray today and I had high hopes. Unfortunately, this #Blueberry #Kush is another swing-and-a-miss for me from this producer.


Visually it's not the worst looking flower I've seen.

Quite a bit of stem considering this is only a gram, but what can you do? Buds are shaved close like the other Terrascend products I've reviewed recently.

Still some leaves on there. Not that it's a terrible thing... but the leaves looked kind of yucky up close.


My nose wasn't all that impressed either... in fact, I almost found the smell of the plastic stronger than the smell of the buds. No Bueno! I put it through the grinder and the aroma got a little more kushy, but nothing to write home about.

I'd sum up the aroma as #grassy and #unprovocative.

Thankfully, it burns pretty clean in a J and didn't cause any significant coughing.

The flavour was a bit harsh and metallic tasting leaving the experience with very little character.

The buds are just way too dry.

I'm talking dusty powder dry :(


Terps are super important fellas!

There were also holes in a couple of the buds from where seeds used to live though I didn't find any actual seeds embedded in any of them.


If you're charging top dollar for your products there's just no reason at all why seeds should be in the finished product.

I've found seeds or seed holes in several Terrascend products, so there must be something going on over there to cause these plants to seed.

They still a way to go over at Terrascend before they really start pumping out quads on a regular basis.

Overall Rating: 🌲🌲/5

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