Good Buds – Neptune Island Hash

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The Look

This hash looks like a tiny hockey puck.

Very well-formed compared to the Top Leaf Bubble Hash, which seemed carelessly sprayed into the jar.

Nice colour.


The Smell

Smells #spicy and rich. Subtle aroma overall, but very pleasant.


The Flava

The aroma translates well into a robust spicy flavour.

I was adding it as a bowl topper in the bong, so it's hard to give an exact breakdown of the subtleties that are most certainly there.

Adds a great flavour kick to otherwise mediocre flower products.


The Feel

The hashy hockey puck is not rock hard.

It's pretty sticky and gooey when I first cracked the jar open. It became much more soft, malleable and crumbly after a day or two, which made it easy to add to Js or bowls without any intervention.


The Experience

Some of the best bubble hash I've sampled so far.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5

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