Coast Mountain Cannabis – BC Original Glue (Artisan Batch)

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The Look

I think this is the first time ever I've bought an eighth, and it was mostly one, bud. ONE BUD! Congrats. You've attained the unattainable.

Looks great! Very frosty ❄️ dense, yet spongy.

The buds definitely seem like they were handled with care.


The Smell

Super pungent aromas from these buds.

I immediately got a wave of sour lemons and then doused by acidic fuel-y goodness.

Smells fresh. Not a blade of dry grass in sight.

Considering this bud was packed in August 2020, I'm pretty impressed.


The Flava

Sweet and sour. Earthy and a bit floral.

It Burned really lovely in a J and didn't go out halfway through.

Very appealing taste.

The Feel

The buds feel sticky and spongy.

Great density and fluffs out really nicely in the grinder.

You know when bud is just at that absolutely perfect consistency, and it makes rolling a number a super pleasurable experience?

It's like that.


The Experience

I think I paid about 40-something bucks for this eighth, which I'd consider to be pretty high. However, the quality of the flowers definitely made it worth it to drop the extra 10-15 bucks.

Let's put it this way if I could pick some of this #flower up by the QP at legacy market prices. I'd do it.

The seal on the container was epic. Took a pair of car keys to break into the terpy wonderland contained within.

Significant #glue effects. Find a couch, kickback. You deserve it.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5 (same thing as last couple reviews... bring that price down a smidge, get that 5th tree, and become the first 5-tree review.)

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