BLKMRKT – Cherry Punch

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Tested at just under 25% THC means Cherry Punch lives up to its name by delivering effects equivalent to a punch in the face. And, that's about it.

The buds are incredibly dry and very dense. Little aroma overall. There is definitely nothing in the terpene profile reminiscent of cherries, but not completely odourless either. Let's call it a subtly sweet tea scent and move on.


One thing that really stood out was the clear pockmarks from where seeds had been. On further inspection, I managed to find a few seeds still embedded in the closely shaved flowers.

It burns pretty decently, but the flavour is pretty abysmal. It burns the back of the throat on the inhale and leaves a hot spot back there which makes the next puff less enjoyable.


My workaround was to pop it in the bong and put it through some water which definitely improved the experience... and made me go cross-eyed.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌱/5


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