CALI (@sessholdings) – Big Budda Cheese

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This CALI flower disappeared almost faster than I could take photos or write any detailed notes. Consequently, this review is a little sparse.

The Look

Looks like it was hand-trimmed, and the results are a good-looking flower product.


The Smell

Nostrils will be met with a fantastic fruity aroma that is complemented by a nose-scrunching cheesy finish.

Reminds me of a charcuterie board sitting beside a bowl of chopped papaya and mango.

Overall, quite complex with many layers to the smell, which made for a pleasant olfactory experience.


The Flava

Tastes great!

Smokes nice and didn't make me cough (until I paired it with the PuraVida honey oil).

You get a healthy dollop of sweet fruit and funk on the inhale and exhale.

Very agreeable flavour overall.


The Feel

The packaging contained an Integra humidity pack that kept the buds feeling pretty fresh.

The flowers are dense but not overly sticky.


The Experience

This is not a cheap product. I paid around $45-something for the eighth.

With that said, after I finished the first eighth, I went back and bought another one.

It is still too expensive for daily use, but it would make a nice gift for special occasions or something to pick up when you're feeling like a treat.

Overall: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5 (gets trees for the look, taste, feel and aroma, but the price is too high)

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